High-Tech History

Did you read that and do a double take?  Think history can’t be high-tech?  Well, think again! 

As part of a multi-year strategic planning initiative, YCHT staff is working to incorporate new technologies into many of the ways our visitors interact with the history we tell at our museums and historic sites.  If you’ve visited the Trust’s newest exhibit Front Porch to Front Lines: York County Goes to War, you’ve seen one of our first projects that focus on new (and old!) technologies.  From touch screen computers and televisions to the recycled Kardex machine that holds countless artifacts, we’re working hard to connect our guests with history in fun, interactive and innovative ways.  We’re even talking about the possibility of developing apps, QR codes and a mobile website – how’s that for a high tech history?

Big deal, you say.  How expensive can an app be?  It seems like everyone has one these days!

In a word: very.  So what do we do?  We hit the lottery! 

Just kidding.  Oftentimes in situations like this we research local, state-wide and national grants that fit our project’s parameters.  Much of my April was busy with doing just that as I researched and wrote a grant application that will help the Trust update its technological infrastructure and fund the creation of new technologies like QR codes we can use in our exhibits and a mobile website and apps we could potentially use for our walking tours.  Though the process can oftentimes be time-consuming and long, writing grants is one of my favorite things to do in my job.  It allows me a way to really connect on the ground with the work my colleagues do here at the Trust, which is something I’m not always able to do as a fundraiser.  It’s truly energizing work that keeps me connected to our mission and the folks we serve.  I’m not going to lie; it’s also exciting when you see the acceptance letter come in the mail! 

Stay tuned – I’ll let you know what the result of this grant application is soon!


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