From Our Antique Radio Guy

An anecdote from Dennis Kunkle, Trust Facilities Director and Resident Radio Guru:

A friend of a museum volunteer called me about the value of a radio that he had purchased at an auction. In case you don’t already know, I’m the resident antique radio guru here at the Trust. And in case you don’t already know about museums giving values to antiques, we don’t do it. But we can direct them to a source. In this case, I offered to make a post on the Antique Radio Forum, a place that I visit daily. Within a few hours, one fellow reported that he had bought the same radio for $25 at a flea market and another person reported that one sold recently on eBay for $89. So now my friend knows its value. Unfortunately, the historical value, in this case, is priceless. The radio is marked Grange Federation League, and if you look up that name, you will discover a very interesting story about a short lived venture in broadcasting history. OK, here’s a quick link, worth visiting in spite of Wikipedia’s occasional shortcomings.


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