Cleaning Day #3!

ImageDay 3 of the Trust’s all-staff efforts to clean our seasonal sites before their re-opening on March 31st! All hands were on deck for this daunting task, knocking off the cobwebs (literally) in our Colonial Complex properties (General Gates House, Golden Plough Tavern, Colonial Courthouse, and the Barnett Bobb Log House), as well as the Fire Museum and Bonham House. We also got a look at the first room of newly-applied wallpaper, generously donated by York Wallcoverings, at the Bonham House! It’s gorgeous! As I washed windows and the plexiglass coverings that offer UV protection for the precious items displayed inside these buildings, I was struck by the enormity of the gritty tasks that are part of stewarding these places and things that hold our history. The work is never finished, and there are never quite enough resources to do every restoration task that is on our list. But we keep knocking off the cobwebs and we keep opening the doors to the history buffs, the families, and the young adults who we know will share our passion for the stories that will never get dusty. See you this spring and summer at the Trust!


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