From the President

ImageGreetings! Welcome to the Trust’s new blog, a place for the community (historians, and curious non-history types) to share historical information, ask questions and post thoughtful insights. You play a significant role in the blog’s success by providing us with your thoughts, comments and ideas for future posts. We hope to engage guest bloggers who can help the Trust create a broader understanding of local and regional history.

Stepping into the blogosphere places the Trust into uncharted territory. We are keenly aware that history is fuzzy – it is often interpreted through our internal paradigm which at times may be incongruent with common understanding. So, knowing that people come with different perceptions, thoughts and knowledge, we ask that participants exchange information in a respectful manner.

Civil discourse is strongly encouraged. The beauty of studying history is learning to develop and employ critical thinking skills – assessing many perspectives and applying deliberate thought to shared information. Consider that we cannot possibly know for certain the intent of writings in the 1700s – the context, the author’s personal lens and experiences all contribute to the content.  

Our goal is broadening the understanding of local and regional history, not entering into political debate. For an historical institution, it is exciting to enter this new realm. We look forward to your participation.

 See you at the Trust!

Joan Mummert, President/CEO


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